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What makes WSMLive THE choice in Wet Stock Management?


WSM Live is a cloud based application and is therefore available anywhere anytime to authorized users. No Installation is required and all enhancements are immediately available to users Read More


The application is easy to use and user friendly. Online help and training manuals make the understanding of the system simple and straightforward.


WSM Live is capable of handling unlimited sites and authorized users. Sites can be grouped together, allowing for multi-level management within an organisation. WSM Live implements password protected roles and relationships to ensure data is only visible to authorized users. Read More

CHARTS and Reports

Trends are identifiable with the graphical representation of data. Numerous graphs are available such as variances, sales and deliveries. Read More


Current and historical data can be exported to spreadsheet for further analysis or retention. The on screen print feature allows users to print the currently displayed information.


The call centre will provide assistance should you have any issues with the application. Read More


If an abnormal variance is detected a notification will immediately be sent to the responsible persons detailing the variance and tank group. Read More

Statistical Inventory Reconciliation

Multiple algorithms analyse the site’s data daily to quickly identify any abnormal trends for each tank group. Read More

WSM Live will provide your organization with a complete wet stock management platform, whether you are a individual site owner or a major oil company.

What is WSM Live?

Wet Stock Management is vital to the day to day operations of a fuel retailer

WSM Live is an online real-time application that analyses a site’s wet stock data daily to identify any abnormal trends and immediately notify the responsible people. Read More

The software is designed to receive the daily wet-stock data from the service stations and perform an SIR (Statistical Inventory Reconciliation) analysis. Multiple algorithms analyze the data to immediately identify trends, highlight any potential problems and notify the relevant people automatically via email. Numerous checks are implemented into the application to prevent incorrect or poor data capture and improve the accuracy of the information being analyzed therefore ensuring the quality of reports. Read More

  • Cloud Based

    Upgrades immediately available.

  • Notifications

    Emails are immediately generated to alert relevant persons when abnormal trends are detected.

  • Charting

    Identifying trends made easy.

  • Historical Data

    All data is retained in the application. This data can be referenced for trend identification or business decisions.

WSM Live has been tested and certified based on the "Standard Test Procedure for evaluating leak detection methods: SIR Methods EPA Document no EPA/530/UST-90/007"



WSM Live is the most ECONOMICAL monthly wet stock monitoring system available to Fuel Storage Operators.

No additional equipment or expensive maintenance is required, only a PC and an internet connection is needed.

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