WSM Live is able to display statistical information in a various ways.  All functions are driven by date so any date range can be selected. This gives the user to the ability access information easily for any time period.

 Site Dashboard

The visual summary provides an easy to understand representation of the site’s current wet stock status. These figures are divided by product for the last 30 days of captured data. This will always be a meaningful representation of the sites current status.  These variance indicators can be viewed by Product Type, Tank Group or Tank Level.

Reconciliation Log

A detailed reconciliation report can be displayed for any selected time period by product type or tank group.  The layout of the report was specifically designed to match the current Chevron WSM spreadsheet.  A summary row is also displayed for the selected time period detailing deliveries, sales, variance %, variance litres, litre loss/gain per day, average daily stock levels and average daily sales. When a summary row value is outside of the preset parameters a visual indicator will alert the user to this.  This reconciliation report can be printed or exported to excel.

Statistics Charting

By design WSM Live is able to present captured data in numerous statistical charts.  These charts can be displayed by selecting the chart type, time period and product or tank group.  Charts are categorized by variances, sales and deliveries.  These charts make for the easy identification of trends.

Activity Log.

This is a log of all recorded Wet Stock events that have occurred on the site. These include the capture alerts, notifications and any additional manual activities that have been recorded. Entries can be filtered by selecting a date range and an activity type which can be printed or exported to excel.

All activities are categorised and recorded with a capture date, time and user name.

Authorised users visiting the site will be required to verify their site visits by logging an entry using their own login credentials. A record of their site visits can be accessed from the management dashboard.

Management Site Statistics

Authorized Management Users are easily able to generate reports for multiple sites that are linked to their profile. This report can be displayed for any selected time period, product type and selected sites. The information displayed includes deliveries, sales, variance in liters, variance %, litre loss/gain per day, average daily stock levels, average daily sales.

When management reports are generated for multiple sites, the data displayed for those sites is analyzed and any out of tolerance values are highlighted.  When a summary value is out of tolerance a visual indicator, with reason, is displayed next to the value to alert the user.