Frequently Asked Questions

  • I do a spread sheet, why do I need WSM Live?
    Although a lot of site owners just use a simple spreadsheet to reconcile their wet stocks this is not an accepted way of monitoring and analyzing data for any abnormal trends. WSM Live uses complex algorithms to identify any abnormal variances based on the individual tank group’s historical performance.
  • What is SIR?
    Statistical Inventory Reconciliation is the analysing of your daily wet stock data using a certified method performed by sophisticated 3rd party software to accurately determine a variance trend for each tank group allowing for all factors, specifically designed for leak detection.
  • Is WSM Live difficult to use?
    No, in fact by design WSM Live is very simple to use. Making use of visual variance indicators and easy to read reports also makes understanding your sites wet stock performance very straightforward.
    A neatly laid out dashboard, large icons and inter screen short cuts allow for easy operation.
  • What happens if I am unable to submit my data for a few days?
    No problem, WSM Live always remembers the last day that you captured and will always take you to the next day that is required to be submitted. As the system is ‘Live’ it is important for you to keep the data as current as possible so submit your as soon as you can.
  • Why do I need SIR if I have ATG?
    Most ATG systems will only monitor the tank level and the pressure in the product delivery lines on pressurised sites. They are not able to detect other losses arising from short deliveries, theft, miscalibrated meters or any factors that can influence the performance of the tank group.
  • Must I manually dip my tanks or can I use the ATG to get my tank level?
    You can use either manual dips or ATG. Some Oil Companies have a preference so comply with their standard. Always be sure to use the same method.
  • How quickly will I be notified if I have a problem?
    Immediately upon validation you will receive an email notification.
  • What if I just made a capture error and need to correct the already submitted data?
    No problem, just go back to the day with the error do the correction and revalidate that day. The revalidation will update the data base with the correction.
  • If I receive a notification, does that mean my tank is definitely leaking?
    NO, there are many factors that can cause your wet stock variance to be out of tolerance. You do however firstly need to be certain that the tank is not leaking and then systematically determine what the cause for the abnormal variance is. An expert analyst will be able to assist you with identifying what the cause is.
  • Do I need to check for water every day?
    Some oil companies do insist that site operators check for water every day and also before and after deliveries.
    It is good practice to check for water daily but can be done less frequently.
  • Can WSM Live analyse multiple product types and tank groups?
    Yes, WSM Live analyses each tank group and associated nozzles individually, even when there are multiple tank groups within a product type. Various reports and charts can be viewed either by product type or tank group.
    For what time period am I able to view my records
    You can view all historical data from when you started using WSM Live. All reports are driven by date, just select the time period you wish to view.
  • Do I have to install the WSM Live software on my PC?
    No software installation is required to be installed on your PC. The minimum browser requirements are Internet Explorer 10, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  • How do I set up my site configuration on WSM Live?
    The set-up of all sites and users is done by WSM Live operations. Just complete the site setup document and return it WSM Live operations. Once your site has been configured you will be notified via email confirm the URL and your login credentials.
  • If any enhancements are made to WSM Live do I need to download and install these changes?
    NO, any updates or enhancements made to the application will be available to the users the next time they login.
  • Does WSM Live require any other additional equipment?
    No additional equipment is required, only a PC and an internet connection is needed.
  • Can I remotely view my sites data?
    Yes you can, using the URL and your personal login credentials you can view your sites data, even from your mobile device.
  • If I have more than one site can I compare these sites?
    Yes you can if your login credentials are those of a management user.
  • Can my site have more than one data capturer?
    Yes, multiple data capturers can be assigned to one site. WSM Live always always keeps a record of who captured the data.
  • Do I need to capture my data before a certain time?
    No, ideally you would just need to submit your data daily. The analysis of the data only happens when you submit and validate your data.
  • Does WSM Live offer any application support?
    Yes, there is a operations centre for all application support queries. Any wet stock related issues need to be resolved with an analyst.
  • How do I sign up for WSM Live?
    Click on the ‘Sign up’ button on this webpage to do an online registration. Complete all the documentation and return to
    Your site will be configured by WSM Live operations and you be notified via email of your URL and login credentials.
  • Can I view WSM Live on my mobile device?
    Yes, WSM live does work on Android and Apple devices, although inputting of data is much easier on a PC.