How does it work

With advancements in technology and web-based applications in recent years, it was felt that existing wet stock procedures could be improved by developing a live and automated system.
WSM Live is a web-based application, requiring only a PC and an internet connection, thus allowing for individual Retailers to capture daily wet stock data directly into the online data base. There will no longer be a need to capture information on spread sheets and email them to other role players. All the data is securely stored on a data base relieving concerns that information can be lost. All data is also always available online to users and authorized management personnel depending on access level.

No installation or additional equipment is required. The set-up of all sites and users is done by WSM Live operations. Any updates or enhancements made to the application will be available to the users the next time they login.

WSM Live has numerous checks implemented into the application to prevent incorrect or poor data capture, improving the accuracy of the information being analyzed and ensuring the quality of reports generated. Capture error notifications are immediately displayed to alert the user of possible errors. The user will will need to correct the error or provide a reason for the over ride before submitting the daily data.

On submission of the daily data, the information is automatically analyzed by the system using multiple algorithms. If any abnormal trends are detected by the software, all relevant persons are immediately notified via email prompting immediate action, potentially avoiding serious consequences.
WSM Lives’ analysis code is designed to quickly identify any abnormal trends on individual tank groups. The analysis is always performed over a 30 day rolling period to quickly identify any abnormal trends on individual tank groups. Therefore every day is a month end. A historical base line variance (BLV) is created for each tank group each day so that the slightest deviation from this value will be automatically assessed and ranked by severity. The resulting severity determines the escalation level and alerts the responsible person(s) of:

• Possible tank and line leaks
• Any abnormal loss/gain variances
• Foreign fuel deliveries
• Change in water levels
• Tank overfills

Captured data retained in the database is presented in various ways, the reconciliation log, graphs, variance dial indicators and activity log. Management users are able to remotely view individual sites’ Wet Stock records and also generate consolidated reports for all linked sites.
These ‘fun to use’ tools allow for a very simple and efficient overview of a sites Wet Stock performance on a real time basis.

WSM Live is driven by date so any date range can be selected for all functions available within the system. This gives the user the ability to access information easily for any time period providing that data has been captured for the selected period. Investigating, analyzing data and decision making is effortless and with the ‘View Site’ only feature available to Authorized users, a Site’s wet stocks can be scrutinized remotely, saving time and costs.