Multiple Users and Sites

WSM Live is capable of handling unlimited sites and authorized users.
Sites can be grouped together, allowing for multi-level management within an organisation.
WSM Live implements password protected roles and relationships to ensure data is only visible to authorized users.

Application Roles

All users when enrolled in the system will be assigned a role. This role will define access levels.

Site Users can capture daily Wet Stock data. Sites can have multiple users assigned.

Authorized Users who are not site owners/users would typically be Management Users. These management users would be able to access WSM Live via a different ‘Dashboard’ and be able to view a site’s wet stocks records remotely as well has having the ability to generate reports multiple sites and have other features available to them.

Sites will be linked to authorized management users according to their site responsibilities. Sites can easily be linked to another authorized user if requested.

Role Capabilities
Site User ( Unique Username & Password) Single site access. Capture, Edit wet stock data validation, Access all functions
Management User(Unique username and password) Management report access to all linked sites,
“View only”  access to linked sites