If an abnormal variance is detected a notification will immediately be sent to the responsible person(s) detailing theadvantages-of-email

variance and tank group.

Email Notifications

If any values are outside of the preset parameters, WSM Live will determine a Severity Level. This severity level will determine the responsible person(s) to be notified. An email notification will automatically be generated detailing the date, site, tank group, product type and failure and sent to the relevant responsible person(s).

A record of every notification is automatically saved to the Activity Log and can be filtered by date and type.

(No notifications can be deleted from the Activity Log).

Notifications can be received by authorized users either individually or collectively each day by selecting the option that suits them.

Multiple email recipients can be linked to a site.  Notifications can be redirected to authorized users if required (e.g. authorized user is on leave).

WSM Live is also a recipient of every notification generated and sent. A record of every notification sent is retained.


No Data Input
WSM Live runs a daily routine at 11h00 to check which sites have not captured data for more than 3 days and will notify the site owner via email. Should the site not capture data for more than 5 days then the site owner and the next management level will receive an email notification.  These notifications will continue until the site is current.