All data is retained in a central data base and can never be lost. The database is backed-up on a daily basis. Backups are removed offsite to two different locations In the unlikely event of a problem with the server all data and the website will be transferred to a backup server ensuring the application is always available.

The application is hosted on a dedicated server with regularly updated software firewalls.
The system is SSL security enabled and weekly security code and database audits are performed. We are constantly monitoring the application and implementing code improvements but always maintaining availability and reliability.
All code changes are tested in the simulation environment before being deployed live.

The minimum browser requirements are Internet Explorer 10, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.


Data management and security is vitally important to us, as a result the following measures are enforced.

  • The database access is secured with an Administrative Username and Password.
  • Backups of the database and the website are done daily by the service provider
  • Daily batch processes are run by WSM Live operations team to take offline backups of the data. These jobs store the data in two separate offsite locations.

No data is deleted from the system. Periodically historical data will be archived to a second database to ensure the application is always running at the optimal speed

Application Security

All users of the application will be issued with a user name and password.
The password is stored in the database using the MD5 encryption protocol.  This protocol does not allow decryption of the value.
If this user name or password is forgotten or lost, the user in question will be required to contact the Operations Centre to begin the password change process.