What is Wet Stock Manager Live

Wet Stock Manager Live is an automated wet stock solution specific to Retail SS operations and processes and provides a complete platform to analyse data maintain accurate wet stock management records.
Each site is uniquely configured by WSM Live operations to suit individual tank and nozzle configurations, detailing tank number, product type and tank size. Each nozzle is linked to the associated tank group. The layout of the screen is arranged to resemble the sites dip sheet to facilitate easy capture and reduce possible capture errors.

Capture fields are provided for each tank:
• Daily dip reading
• Deliveries
• Meter test volume
• Water level

Capture fields are provided for each nozzle’s:
• Daily pump reading

Once the daily data is captured the user will submit the data by simple clicking on a button. It is at this stage that the application performs the SIR analysis and will detect any abnormal variances.

The user will not be able to submit their data if the application has detected any capture errors. The user will be required to correct/clear any highlighted capture errors before validation. All cleared capture errors are automatically recorded in the Activity Log.